Solve your cash flow problems

How Invoice Factoring Can Solve Your Cash Flow Problems

We’ve seen this scenario many times: A company with a good business plan and competent management hits an unforeseeable snag or experiences a new opportunity that puts a strain on its cash flow. Large corporations have access to the bond markets, banks or other deep pockets to help weather a storm. However, it’s a lot tougher for small businesses, which are often opportunity rich and cash poor. It doesn’t have to be that way if you employ invoice factoring to solve your cash flow needs.

Invoice Factoring Can Help You

In case you’re not too familiar with it, invoice factoring is a way to receive immediate cash for your outstanding customer invoices. Alpha Capital, a leader in small business financial solutions, will be happy to factor your accounts receivable and get you the cash you need to pay your bills, buy new inventory or raw materials, or invest in new projects to grow your company.
The process is simple. Invoice your customer for your product or service as usual, then submit the invoice to Alpha Capital. We’ll pay you 70 to 90 percent of the invoice value within 24 hours, and the remainder (minus a small finance charge) when the customer pays. Don’t worry if you or your company’s credit rating is less than perfect – we base our invoice factoring on your customer’s ability to pay, not your credit rating.

A World of Benefits

Invoice factoring makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider the many benefits:
Fast access to capital, usually within 24 hours
Cash flow without debt. Invoice factoring doesn’t create liabilities on your balance sheet. It simply accelerates collection of cash for the credit you’ve already extended. You really want to avoid loading up your balance sheet with liabilities, which make it harder to receive conventional loans or attract new investors. Also, you don’t have to worry about defaulting on a loan payment, since invoice factoring isn’t a loan.
No limit on the amount of cash available to you. The factoring at your disposal increases as your business and invoices grow. More sales mean more money available, and your credit line grows automatically with your business.
You can typically obtain more cash via invoice factoring than you can through other methods of raising working capital, such as business loans from banks (when you can get them) or giving up equity to new investors.
Once you’ve established an invoice-factoring relationship with Alpha Capital, you may qualify for additional lines of credit from Alpha Capital, including purchase order financing, inventory loans and equipment loans.

Alpha Capital is your go-to invoice factoring company because we act fast, use an easy one-page application form, approve 92 percent of all applications and charge very competitive financing fees. Because your business is unique, we design financing solutions tailored to your needs.
For your company to grow and thrive, you need the ability to quickly tap sources of capital. Through our invoice factoring service and related financial solutions, we can get you rapid assistance that no bank can match.