Time for Change

Does your Factoring Company do for you what Alpha Capital can?

If you’re like me, you examine a product fairly carefully before you buy it. You want to be sure you are getting the best product for your money. Well, if that is true for a pair of shoes, think of how much more important it is to choose the right factoring company for your business. Your business and your livelihood depend on it.
As a hard working business owner, you deserve to work with an honest, experienced financial company that offers a wide range of solutions for your company’s cash flow needs. That’s exactly how we designed Alpha Capital LLC – as a flexible source of financing alternatives just waiting to meet the needs of your growing business.
So how does Alpha Capital distinguish itself from the average factoring company?
  1. Customized financing program developed for each client’s needs:

    Because each business is unique, we design financial solutions tailored to your requirements and circumstances. We never saddle you with an inappropriate solution, but rather recommend one or more services that will give you the best value and ability to grow.

  2. More than factoring – purchase order funding, inventory:

    Many factoring companies offer only one service. “Their way or the highway.” We help your company succeed by offering multiple, tailorable financing solutions that will help your business grow without depleting your working capital. All without weighing down your balance sheet with debt or forcing you to bring in equity partners. At Alpha Capital we care about you so we do more. Most factoring companies don’t offer the solutions that we do.

  3. Inventory financing:

    We offer two forms of inventory financing. First, we provide invoice factoring to immediately monetize your Accounts Receivable without waiting 60-90 days to be paid. In addition, and at no additional charge, we provide professional personnel to perform collection services when and where you need it. Unlike factor-only companies, we also offer inventory loans to our larger or seasonal companies to fuel expansion and growth by allowing you to purchase inventory when you need it.

  4. Purchase order funding:

    Do you need funding to purchase raw materials or merchandise so that you can fulfill your customer’s orders? We provide that funding by advancing 50 to 70 percent of your purchase order value, or 100 percent of your cost of goods, when the order is received. Alpha Capital wants to help you fulfill every single order you receive, and through purchase order funding, you don’t have to wait until you ship and invoice your products in order to receive your financing.

  5. Equipment financing:

    Obtain the equipment you need to grow your company without dipping into your cash reserves. Our equipment loans are a great solution when your business is expanding.

Additional services:

Alpha Capital rapidly deploys solutions for your business problems through customized programs to help manage your success:

  • General business, administration and collection services:
    We’ll provide the professional business acumen for a number of back-room services so that you don’t have to recruit costly internal staff.
  • Accounting and book keeping services:
    It’s got to be perfect, and you can’t do it yourself. Let Alpha Capital help shoulder this task and free you up to run your business.
  • Credit risk insurance available (invoice insurance):
    By purchasing credit insurance you can insure that your invoices get paid. Never again will you need to worry about deadbeat customers, political upheavals or natural disasters.
  • Inventory and warehouse management:
    Use our facilities management expertise to handle your raw materials and finished goods.
  • Shipping, logistics, monitoring and support:
    Our in-house logistics coordination staff offers extensive professional experience that will save you money and headaches.
  • Importer of Record services:
    We offer international Importer of Record services to make sure your goods get through customs hassle-free. In addition, we provide international trade financing services that reduce risk, save money and accelerate payments.

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