Are you bored? It is July after all.

July is in full swing, which means it’s nothing other than national anti-boredom month.  In search of the the best way to combat this yearly dilemma, we turned to our trusted business-owner clients to help us with our unofficial yet highly scientific survey.  Two weeks later, we still haven’t received any responses to our survey, which brings us to our two vital lessons learned from our groundbreaking survey.

Lesson #1 – If you want to ensure a return call, you may not want to give too many details in your message about why you want a call back (or at least omit the part about the survey that you’re conducting).  This is also important when you’re leaving a message to collect on a bill.  Sometimes, less is more.

Lesson #2 – Business owners are completely immune from anti-boredom month.  Why?  Because they are never bored.

Being a business owner means wearing more hats than you could have ever imagined.  Business owners are skilled at their trade, but they must also understand things such as financials, business operations, marketing, sales, and client satisfaction.  That’s just to name a few of their daily tasks.

With all of these hats, business owners have found the cure for anti-boredom month.  While some may question the “scientific” nature of our survey results, we simply say “show us a bored business owner.”

Alpha Capital is not just another invoice factoring company.  We strive for creative solutions to not-so-everyday challenges.  We are made up of successful business owners from a wide range of industries.  We meet with our clients face-to-face because it’s the relationships that we develop that make us different.  We are located a pebble skip from the great Lake Pend Oreille in Sandpoint, ID.  We love to talk with business owners who need capital ranging from $100,000 to $6,000,000 each month.  Be assured that you will always refer to us with confidence.  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Dan Jacobson, Owner
Alpha Capital Finance