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About Purchase Order Funding

A Purchase Order (P.O.) is a request from a buyer to a seller to provide goods or services. A typical purchase order would list the amount of goods or services needed and the terms and conditions of delivery and payment. When a business receives an order for a product or service, it galvanizes its resources to fill the order. At times, a business may find itself in a position where it is unable to fulfill a customer’s order because it lacks the required materials or the money to acquire them, and runs the risks of losing the order. In such a case, our Purchase Order Funding program can help.

Our clients use it as a source of capital, payment assurance, or guarantee in the form of a Check, Bank Transfer, or Letter Of Credit (LOC) to acquire finished goods and be able to fulfill their customer’s orders. Purchase Order Funding pays up to 100% cost of goods or 70% of Purchase Order value when the order is placed.