About Invoice Factoring

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses cannot always meet their cash flow needs through traditional means. Quite often, when those traditional means of lending just aren’t available, or enough, companies must turn away potential sales because they can’t fund purchases or production to meet customer demand. Today, there is another option – a viable financing alternative called “Factoring” (also known as Accounts Receivable/Purchase Order Financing). This is a realistic, workable funding option when cash flow challenges inhibit the growth of your business.

  • By factoring receivables and funding purchase orders, we provide an immediate cash injection of up to 85% of those receivables, and the remaining balance paid [less our fee] when the invoice is paid by your customer.
  • Often, a commitment proposal is issued within 24 hours of receiving a completed application with initial funds available in as little as 48 hrs.
  • Factoring is NOT a loan and there is no debt on the company books. Balance sheets become more attractive and financial positions are solidified.
  • Our Factoring arrangement is flexible to meet your volume requirements.
  • Collections are handled professionally and invoice collections are fast tracked, which dramatically reduces collection costs.

Factoring is neither equity nor debt, yet it strengthens a balance sheet and control of the business always stays with the owner. As a trusted and effective method of both financing short-term cash flow and outsourcing the administration of credit and the task of arduous collections, Factoring is a time-honored financing solution that offers many advantages while allowing business owners to focus on operating and building their client base. Unlike banks, Alpha Capital offers fast, flexible underwriting and approval, allowing for immediate funding to meet cash flow needs.